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Bug#855134: installation-guide: mips related cleanups and updates

Above files received and thanks alot.
I start DebianWRT , then porting to inpendent Debian IMG. 
It shall work fine.
Yao Feng
On 02/14/2017 22:57, James Cowgill wrote:
Package: installation-guide
Version: 20170211
Severity: normal
Tags: patch
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-mips@lists.debian.org


I've done a bit of cleaning up on the MIPS related part of the
installation guide. Mostly I have removed some old platforms which will
no longer be supported in Stretch and rewritten the supported platforms

I'm not entirely sure if I've done the right thing WRT translations. At
the moment I've just left them, but maybe I should remove the relevant
files there too?

If you don't like attachments, I can resend the patches in another form
(I currently have things in git)


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