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Bug#854801: Bug#740998: Bug#854801: No network after netinst Stretch RC2

On 14.02.2017 00:43, Pierre Ynard wrote:


>> in finish-install /e/n/i will never be properly populated for a wireless
>> installation without network-manager, although I think ifupdown would be
>> capable to do this (not tested, but have a look at
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/netcfg.git/tree/write_interface.c).
>> I guess the justification is that people using wireless usually would
>> want a GUI to roam between networks, and a interface stanza would
>> prevent even a (later installed) network-manager from touching the
>> interface.
> That makes sense. Maybe it could still output commented-out
> configuration into /e/n/i, to make it easier in case people do end up
> editing the file to set up their network, for whatever reason.

We already have several bugs for this behaviour:


and likely more.

Users installing with a wireless connection do not have network after
first boot, unless a -desktop task pulls in network-manager _and_
network-manager is not blocked by rdnssd.

I can fix the latter by removing the conflicts and changing the hook
again to be a no-op if network-manager is installed. But I think a
proper solution would be to warn the user at the end of the installation
that he will not have network access after boot and offer to write a
complete /e/n/i or forcibly install network-manager .


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