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Bug#853927: debian-installer: Hang in os-prober in "dmsetup create -r osprober-linux-sda1"


right after replying to the bug report I decided to re-install, just for the fun of it. This obviously deleted the install logs, sorry.

But this time I did not have the microSD card in my internal card reader like I usually do (/dev/mmcblk1 from my fdisk output) and the installation finished without os-prober getting stuck. So my guess is that the SD card may have been the culprit even though it does not contain any OS, just a plain ext4 file system (no partition table) that has some mp4 files on it.

If you want me to I could re-install once again, with the SD card inserted, and check the logs. Let me know if that would be of any use.


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