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Re: Bug#854801: No network after netinst Stretch RC2

> I've cc'd quite a number of folks/lists to make sure the netcfg part is
> tackled sooner than later (plus a few others for information).
> Paul Schlüter <nemo.paoso@web.de> (2017-02-10):
>> * Packages network-manager-gnome (recommended by task-xfce-desktop) and
>>   net-tools were not installed;
>>   the installed package rdnssd is in conflict to network-manager.
>>   (=> To setup a network connection I had to edit /etc/network/interfaces)
> This seems due to the Conflicts added in rdnssd indeed, because of:
>   https://bugs.debian.org/740998
> Unfortunately it doesn't seem like debian-boot@ people were available at
> the time to give some feedback…
> I think we need to be a bit more careful in this particular section of
> src:netcfg's netcfg/autoconfig.c:
> |         /* And now we cleanup from rdnssd */
> |         if (ipv6) {
> |                 read_rdnssd_nameservers(interface);
> |                 if (nameserver_count(interface) > 0) {
> |                         di_exec_shell_log("apt-install rdnssd");
> |                 }
> |         }
> since that interferes with n-m's getting installed. Something we could do
> in netcfg would be:
>  1. Stop installing rdnssd forcefully at this point, and only set a flag
>     for later use.
>  2. In finish-install.d/55netcfg-copy-config, where the /e/n/i and other
>     settings copy is performed, we could check that flag and n-m's
>     status; if the flag is set and n-m wasn't installed, install rdnssd.
>     This should let n-m get installed even if netcfg detected that
>     rdnssd /could/ be needed, and should let rdnssd get installed when
>     n-m wasn't.
> Comments/better ideas?

I think that is a good idea, but reading the code I'm not quite sure
where the reported problem comes from.

netcfg installs rdnssd when an IPv6 router advertisement with RDNSS
(recursive DNS nameservers) is found during installation. Tasks
generally only recommend network-manager(-gnome) as far as I can tell,
so the conflict will keep rdnssd installed and network-manager uninstalled.

However the code in finish-install.d/55netcfg-copy-config only mangles
/e/n/i if network-manager is really there, so in this particular case
Paul should have ended up with a traditional /e/n/i and ifupdown.

@Paul: Can you share the installer log (/var/log/installer/syslog) and
the content of your /etc/network/interfaces after installation? I'll try
to get that information myself tonight, I don't have RDNSS here in the
office network unfortunately.


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