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Re: Bug#854801: No network after netinst Stretch RC2

Hi Paul,

I've cc'd quite a number of folks/lists to make sure the netcfg part is
tackled sooner than later (plus a few others for information).

Paul Schlüter <nemo.paoso@web.de> (2017-02-10):
> * Packages network-manager-gnome (recommended by task-xfce-desktop) and
>   net-tools were not installed;
>   the installed package rdnssd is in conflict to network-manager.
>   (=> To setup a network connection I had to edit /etc/network/interfaces)

This seems due to the Conflicts added in rdnssd indeed, because of:

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like debian-boot@ people were available at
the time to give some feedback…

I think we need to be a bit more careful in this particular section of
src:netcfg's netcfg/autoconfig.c:
|         /* And now we cleanup from rdnssd */
|         if (ipv6) {
|                 read_rdnssd_nameservers(interface);
|                 if (nameserver_count(interface) > 0) {
|                         di_exec_shell_log("apt-install rdnssd");
|                 }
|         }

since that interferes with n-m's getting installed. Something we could do
in netcfg would be:

 1. Stop installing rdnssd forcefully at this point, and only set a flag
    for later use.
 2. In finish-install.d/55netcfg-copy-config, where the /e/n/i and other
    settings copy is performed, we could check that flag and n-m's
    status; if the flag is set and n-m wasn't installed, install rdnssd.
    This should let n-m get installed even if netcfg detected that
    rdnssd /could/ be needed, and should let rdnssd get installed when
    n-m wasn't.

Comments/better ideas?

On a side note this shouldn't affect jessie since I had been skeptical
of the ndisc6 pu request (#778492), which might not have been a bad

> * aptitude was not installed; I missed it.

You can still apt-get install it.

> * The touchpad behaves strange: I can move the mouse pointer but cannot
>   click. However, this may be a hardware problem.

We've had several such reports but bug triaging still needs to happen… :/


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