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Bug#854565: Bug#806713: disk-detect/multipath: update checks for changed mpath alias names

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <mathieu.tl@gmail.com> (2017-02-10):
> That's perhaps right; we could possibly do away with the [0-9] part in the
> check. The reason for changing it to [a-z] was only to have the smallest
> amount of changes possible. I don't see what benefit that would really
> bring though, but I haven't looked at multipath in a while.

Knowing nothing about multipath, I first read the multipath-tools commit
message as “[0-9] → [a-z] only when user friendly names are enabled,
[0-9] otherwise”, which I why I was wondering whether we were losing
support in the non-user friendly names case; but that doesn't seem to be
the case.

> I also could have been more proactive at this; I'll update the
> branches shortly -- there has been further changes to
> partman-multipath and hw-detect to help with multipath support.

Feel free to let me know once you've done so, since I've just uploaded
hw-detect_1.123_source and partman-base_191_source. I suppose what's
been just uploaded could be pushed to jessie, while what you'll be
pushing in a moment would only be for stretch?

> > > Apart from the disk-detect package, the partman-multipath package
> > > is also affected by mpath naming change.  I will open a separate
> > > bug report and attach a patch to solve the naming there.
> >
> > I'll try and look at the various patches after Mathieu's reply in
> > #806900. I might even propose them through proposed-updates if the
> > next RC looks good for multipath support.
> I'm sorry, I just don't see what I should be replying to? We're really
> not far from multipath support working (given that it does appear to
> work reasonably well in Ubuntu). Let me do the merges to get Ubuntu
> based on the right new versions of Debian, then we can do one round of
> reviewing all the patches.

I meant it as: thanks to your reply to me in that other bug report, I
know what packages I should be looking at, not as “please do more work
for me”. Apologies for the confusion.


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