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Bug#806713: disk-detect/multipath: update checks for changed mpath alias names


Hendrik Brueckner <brueckner@linux.vnet.ibm.com> (2015-11-30):
> Dear maintainers,
> An update in the multipath-tools, [1], changed the naming scheme for
> mpath aliases created when the user friendly names option is specified.
> The alias naming changed from mpath0 to mpatha replacing the numeric
> digits with alphabetic letters.  The patch below updates the
> disk-detect.sh to correctly detect multipath devices with the new
> naming scheme.

AFAICT from the current manpage, when this option is not specified, WWID
are used instead, so there's no need to keep the [0-9] part in the
check, right? This seems confirmed by my reading of #806900 so I think
I'll push the patch to master right away.

> On the people/cyphermox/mpath-detect branch in the d-i/hw-detect
> repository, there is already a patch for the same problem.  I could
> not find a bug report for it.  So that's why I am opening this one to
> keep this problem in mind.  It would be great if you could help me to
> understand the practice on how such problem fixes becomes integrated.

Unfortunately lack of manpower means patches are sometimes not reviewed
or merged for a long time. :(

> Apart from the disk-detect package, the partman-multipath package is
> also affected by mpath naming change.  I will open a separate bug report
> and attach a patch to solve the naming there.

I'll try and look at the various patches after Mathieu's reply in
#806900. I might even propose them through proposed-updates if the next
RC looks good for multipath support.


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