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Re: Failure of D-I manual builds on dillon (and subsequently on the website?)


Am Fr. Dez. 30 20:41:37 2016 GMT+0100 schrieb Christian PERRIER:
> Quoting Holger Wansing (linux@wansing-online.de):
> > Ok, I see the builds on dillon are for https://d-i.debian.org/manual/,
> > but I cannot access any logs there :-(
> It probably needs to be allowed to "sudo" to d-i on Debian machines
> (namely dillon) which requires:
> - access to Debian machines, thus being DD (or DM, I think, not sure)
> which I don't remember if you are or not, Holger

I am non-uploading DD since some months.

> - authorization by DSA, IIRC (please correct me if I'm wrong)
> But, anyway, the obvious cause for the failure are the missing build
> dependencies : as explained by Phil, they need to be installed by
> DSA. There's a process for this which.....I don't remember as I may
> have used it once or twice in all my DD life....

I already learned this from Phils mail.
And I am preparing a patch to be sent to DSA (as I already wrote).


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