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Bug#819092: #819092 win32-loader cannot load dailies because NSISdl doesn't support https

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Le mercredi, 23 mars 2016, 16.41:21 h CET Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a écrit :
> As the title says, win32-loader currently can't download dailies, as
> d-i.debian.org has moved to enforced https.
> That's a limitation of the NSISdl NSIS builtin plugin. It could be replaced
> with the Inetc plugin [0], but it isn't packaged. 
> No dailies means no kfreebsd/hurd too, unfortunately.

So I've spent a good part of today trying to fix that problem.

The path I've picked was to try to in-Debian build the Inetc plugin, and then 
use that in win32-loader to download d-i assets over https securely. 
Unfortunately, that didn't work out well enough:
* the inetc plugin is not properly licensed, but assuming it is under Zlib …
* it (kinda-)builds under Debian,
* it supports the NSIS 3.0 API,
* but I couldn't manage to make it work in win32-loader, as I was having 
errors such as "Dialog error (1812)", and then "Connection error", which I 
couldn't debug.

Anyway. Here's the nsis-plugin-inetc packaging:

As for the bug at hand, I will upload a new win32-loader targetted at stretch 
that doesn't permit dailies or alternative architectures' download (as they 
later fail anyway), and get that into stretch.


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