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Bug#848597: debian-installer: iPXE script in DHCP bootfile option is interpreted as preseed filename

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

> Pali Rohár <pali.rohar@gmail.com> writes:
>> Package: debian-installer
>> Severity: normal
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> when DHCP server is configured to send bootfile option with iPXE script
>> then debian-installer fails with following "red" error:
>>   [!!] Download debconf preconfiguration file
>>   Failed to process the preconfiguration file
>>   The installer failed to process the preconfiguration file from <bootfile>.
>>   The file may be corrupt.
>> (where <bootfile> is value of that DHCP option)
>> It looks like debian-installer expects that DHCP bootfile option will
>> contains correct preseed file. And if that DHCP option contains not
>> Debian preseed file, then it show above "red" error message.
> Is it the case that iPXE config files are the only things we need to
> worry about here?  (seems probable given the lack of previous reports)
> If so, we could just check for '#!ipxe' and if found downgrade the error
> to a warning, or perhaps to log what happened but otherwise ignore it.

It occurs to me that we could fix this by adding a feature.

If we had something that looked out for some string, and would interpret
it as an instruction to immediately chain into a new file, ignoring the
rest of the current file, then one could specify the preseed to use in
the iPXE config, by adding something like this near the start:

  # DEBCONF_CHAIN_LOAD(preseed.cfg)

If we were looking for /DEBCONF_CHAIN_LOAD([^(]*)/ then it would
probably work in anything that has a way of specifying comments, since
it could as easily find it after '// ', '<!-- ' or whatever, although
we'd need to survive whatever preamble such files might have -- I guess
we could additionally scan for that string anywhere in the file before
throwing the problematic error.

This ought only require us to use the parameter to populate
preseed/include and then stop processing the current file.

Cheers, Phil.
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