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Bug#848597: debian-installer: iPXE script in DHCP bootfile option is interpreted as preseed filename

Package: debian-installer
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainer,

when DHCP server is configured to send bootfile option with iPXE script
then debian-installer fails with following "red" error:

  [!!] Download debconf preconfiguration file

  Failed to process the preconfiguration file

  The installer failed to process the preconfiguration file from <bootfile>.
  The file may be corrupt.

(where <bootfile> is value of that DHCP option)

It looks like debian-installer expects that DHCP bootfile option will
contains correct preseed file. And if that DHCP option contains not
Debian preseed file, then it show above "red" error message.

On the other hand, DHCP bootfile option is used for iPXE to specify boot
script too (can be detected by first shebang '#!ipxe' line).

Debian installer should not try to always process DHCP bootfile option
as it does not have to contain Debian preseed file...

Due to this bug booting Debian installer from iPXE setup is broken.

On http://boot.oskarcz.net/ is running such iPXE setup. You can easily
reproduce this problem by starting iPXE in qemu and trying to start
installation of Debian.

  qemu-system-x86_64 -net nic -net user,bootfile=http://boot.oskarcz.net/

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