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Bug#844221: Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 8 release

Am 14.11.2016 um 12:22 schrieb Raphael Hertzog:

> Please find two patches attached.
> I checked that the command below was failing with the current dpkg-dev
> and it did no longer fail with the updated one.
> $ sbuild -d sid --add-depends=usrmerge --chroot-setup-commands="sed -i 's#^/usr##;t;s#^/lib#/usr&#' /etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu.conf" dash
> I believe my patch to be correct and clean.
>> Err, well exactly because usemerge is a major hack, and I'm actually
>> surprised we are deploying systems by default with that. As an
> It's easier to push work upon others... to be honest the code (that I
> wrote) in dpkg-dev that tries to identifiy the canonical version of the
> library is also somewhat hackish.
> I think the updated code that I submitted works better in all weird
> corner cases that we could think of.
> I'm happy to assist you shall any regression be found.

That's great, thanks a lot Raphael!

I debugged this issue myself this evening and came up with a patch on my
own. Your's is nicer und more generic though. So I'm happy to scrap mine.

Just for the record: I can confirm it fixes the problem in dpkg-shlibdeps.

I've CCed the debootrap bug, so the debian-boot people are aware that a
fix for dpkg is available and a revert in debootstrap is not necessary.

Guillem, it would be great if you can upload a fixed dpkg soon.
Julien Cristau told me, that he didn't want to see this issue unresolved
for too long.

Thanks everyone involved in getting this resolved.


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