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incorrect permissions on /dev/ptmx in newly created chroots break several packages’ builds (was Re: pbuilder: incorrect permissions on /dev/ptmx breaks openpty(); schroot: no access to pseudo-terminals in new chroots)

Ansgar Burchardt dixit:

>That looks like the same issue as I reported in sbuild in #817236 (which

It looks so, yes (Cc’ing now).

>severity maybe should be raised if this is an issue for more packages):

It certainly is! For example, a couple of months ago, cbmuser could
not sponsor my mksh upload because he could not get it to build, while
XTaran could do so successfully, and it took quite a while for cbmuser
to figure out the difference, which led to this explanatory commit:


See also the thread starting at:

>> … so I assume that something in debootstrap changed so that
>> there is now a symlink created instead of a proper device node.

>there needs to be a mount for /dev/pts to accommodate for the changes in
>debootstrap (and optionally a bind mount for /dev/ptmx if there are
>still old chroots around).

While I use only cowbuilder, I insist support for old chroots
is too important to lose. I’d r̲e̲a̲l̲l̲y̲ prefer if debootstrap
could create the device node again. AIUI it was not dropped
from an act of deliberation but merely as side effect of the
devices tarball cleanup. Other nodes (such as dev/tty) are
still created by it, so I don’t see why dev/ptmx needs to be
an exception if there are good reasons for it to not be.

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