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Bug#815159: preseeding adduser.conf

Hi Sandro,

You should be able to achieve the desired effect by using the

Write a script (90adduser) that creates /target/etc/adduser.conf to suit
you needs.

Then define preseed/early_command to mkdir /lib/partman/finish.d and
then put your 90adduser script in that directory, and make it

That script will then be run just after the partitions are mounted, but
before the base install happens.

You'll probably find the preseed_fetch command useful, which gets files
from wherever your preseed file came from, so an early_command of
something like this should do the trick:

  "mkdir -p /lib/partman/finish.d ; preseed_fetch /90adduser /lib/partman/finish.d/90adduser ; chmod +x /lib/partman/finish.d/90adduser"

you'll find examples here:


which is described here:  http://hands.com/d-i/

(I'm pointing you at the lenny version because the jessie version has
been abused for testing stretch recently, so has some dependencies that
are not yet really available)

Does that solve your problem?

Cheers, Phil.
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