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Bug#835499: netcfg: Does not allow for pointopoint addresses, not even in export mode

On 08/26/2016 01:12 PM, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> netcfg does not ask for a pointopoint address when entering the 
> network config manually, not even in expert mode
> In expert mode it will show you, after collecting all the information, 
> that is has NOT set a pointopoint address.
> Please change this setup since this always means that you have to 
> select "No network configuration" and manually write your 
> /etc/network/interface file after the installation of the base system. 
> netcfg should in normal and expert mode always ask for the pointopoint 
> adress and let the users know that it is OK to leave the field emtpy 
> when there is no pointopoint address needed.
> Many large hosters use setups where you have to set a pointopoint 
> address and not supporting it makes a Debian installation 
> unnecessarily cumbersome.

Right now it only uses this scheme if it detects a certain type of
network interface (by name, not even by actual type). The state machine
skips netmask and gateway in this case as well. So this would require:

* A way to pass in the debconf priority to netcfg_get_pointopoint (low
in your case instead of critical).
* A helper function to encode the list of plip/slip/ctc/escon/iucv as
p2p devices. Use that from GET_IPADDRESS and use it in GET_POINTOPOINT
to jump the correct next state.
* GET_GATEWAY does a check if the gateway makes sense
(netcfg_gateway_reachable). I suppose if that function returns
unreachable, we could have an option to state that it should be reached
via a host route. Maybe check for the priority or if it's actually
preseeded? Otherwise still show the current error?
* Probably we need to hop into GET_POINTOPOINT after GET_GATEWAY in some
fashion. The previous bullet point already alludes to that.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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