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Re: Install on Orange Pi Plus eMMC work but no reboot

Le 07. 10. 16 à 17:09, Lennart Sorensen a écrit :
On Fri, Oct 07, 2016 at 02:48:30PM +0200, Jean-Christian de Rivaz wrote:

You mean the flash-kernel package and not by the flash-kernel-installer ?
flash-kernel takes care of the kernel and the boot script.  It doesn't
install u-boot.  At least not at this time.

I am a newbie regarding the Debian installer, so it take me some times to finally understand that some udeb packages control file specify providing "bootable-system". Below is the list with the related architecture:

debian-installer$ find -type f ! -ipath "*/\.git*" -iname "control" -exec grep -li "^Provides:.*bootable-system" {} \; | xargs grep -i "^Architecture:" ./packages/grub-installer/debian/control:Architecture: i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64el mipsel arm64 armhf
./packages/arcboot-installer/debian/control:Architecture: mips
./packages/zipl-installer/debian/control:Architecture: s390 s390x
./packages/lilo-installer/debian/control:Architecture: i386 amd64
./packages/flash-kernel/debian/control:Architecture: arm64 armel armhf
./packages/flash-kernel/debian/control:Architecture: arm64 armel armhf
./packages/elilo-installer/debian/control:Architecture: i386 ia64
./packages/nobootloader/debian/control:Architecture: all
./packages/prep-installer/debian/control:Architecture: powerpc
./packages/quik-installer/debian/control:Architecture: powerpc
./packages/yaboot-installer/debian/control:Architecture: powerpc

I don't know why "grub-installer" includes armhf since packages/grub-installer/debian/isinstallable don't return 1 for armhf.

Now I understand why you point at "flash-kernel". I didn't know that it was ARM specific.


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