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Re: uefi netinst broken on 8.6.0+testing due to missing nls_ascii.ko

On 2016-10-09 02:39 -0400, Nick Black wrote:

> I've been trying to install some UEFI machines recently using the 8.6.0 and
> testing netinst images. The partitioning step always fails due to inability
> to mount the ESP. grub installation invariably fails later.
> dmesg shows "no known character set (ascii)". Indeed, the nls_ascii kernel
> module is missing from at least the netinst images. The mkfs.vfat tool,
> however, is creating ascii filesystems.

The character set is determined when mounting the filesystem, not when
creating it.  Recent kernels default to ascii here (see #833238), but I
am surprised that you have this problem in the installer already.

> I copied nls_ascii.ko from my unstable machine running 4.7.0-1, added it to
> a new ext4 partition on my usb device following the 2016-10-03 testing
> netinst image, and mounted that in a shell before partitioning disks. I
> then insmod'd nls_ascii.ko. Things worked, grub installed, and I could boot
> my new UEFI installs.
> I can file a bug, but wasn't sure what package to file against. Thanks!

The kernel, run "reportbug $(uname -r)" to do so.  I think that the
fat-modules-*-di packages need to include nls_ascii.ko, which they
currently do not.


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