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uefi netinst broken on 8.6.0+testing due to missing nls_ascii.ko

Hello there!

I've been trying to install some UEFI machines recently using the 8.6.0 and
testing netinst images. The partitioning step always fails due to inability
to mount the ESP. grub installation invariably fails later.

dmesg shows "no known character set (ascii)". Indeed, the nls_ascii kernel
module is missing from at least the netinst images. The mkfs.vfat tool,
however, is creating ascii filesystems.

I copied nls_ascii.ko from my unstable machine running 4.7.0-1, added it to
a new ext4 partition on my usb device following the 2016-10-03 testing
netinst image, and mounted that in a shell before partitioning disks. I
then insmod'd nls_ascii.ko. Things worked, grub installed, and I could boot
my new UEFI installs.

I can file a bug, but wasn't sure what package to file against. Thanks!

nick black -=- http://www.nick-black.com
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