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Re: Install on Orange Pi Plus eMMC work but no reboot

Le 07. 10. 16 à 01:57, Jean-Christian de Rivaz a écrit :
Le 07. 10. 16 à 00:39, Karsten Merker a écrit :
was wrote by the installer.
The debian-installer doesn't install u-boot, but it takes
explicit care not to destroy an existing u-boot installation
during the partitioning step.

Yes. It take so much care that it don't write u-boot when it must write it... If the installer is able to take care of the region where u-boot is, why don't allow him to optionally copy that region from the SD card to the eMMC ?

After erasing the eMMC again, I tested this from the SD card netboot Debian installer shell just before the reboot:

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1k skip=8 seek=8 count=1016

And Debian booted perfectly well from the eMMC, without the SD card :-)

I hope that the Debian installer will soon propose this operation to the user.


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