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Bug#610282: partman-lvm/confirm boolean true does not suppress "Before the Logical Volume ..."

(we were discussing having a branch of manual for each stable release)

This appears to have happened - thanks Samuel!


I think it would be worth mentioning the existence of this
in the trunk README - suggested patch below. Please let me know
if I should open another bug for this or cross-reference to an
existing one.

--- README      (revision 70307)
+++ README      (working copy)
@@ -17,4 +17,10 @@
 All help is welcome! Send suggestions to the debian-boot list. Patches
 can be submitted against the package installation-guide.
-Last update: 09 July 2006
+Patches should normally be submitted against the 'trunk' version of
+the manual, so they will be included in the next stable release.
+However there are some cases where it is appropriate to update the
+stable release also: such patches should be made against the branch
+for the relevant stable release codename: ^/branches/manual/<codename>.
+Last update: 27 September 2016


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