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Bug#838948: [patch] preseed appendix of d-i manual: use_autoconfig

Package: installation-guide
Severity: minor
Tags: d-i patch
(resending as a bug, my post to -boot didn't elicit any replies)

For some years the disable_autoconfig preseed has been shown
in the appendix on preseeding. However setting that just sets
use_autoconfig appropriately. Yet use_autoconfig is not even
mentioned in the appendix, ever.

There might be something I'm missing here, such as disable_autoconfig
is the only thing that works if you pass it on the boot command line.
I might also be misinterpreting 'manual configuration' as meaning
'set up an "iface ethX inet static" stanza in /etc/network/interfaces'.

If not, is it time to start deprecating use of disable_auotconfig?
I realise it was needed in the past but the code has been fixed.

--- preseed.xml (revision 70296)
+++ preseed.xml (working copy)
@@ -882,6 +882,10 @@
 # If you prefer to configure the network manually, uncomment this line and
 # the static network configuration below.
+#d-i netcfg/use_autoconfig boolean false
+# The following also forces manual configuration, but is deprecated
+# for end user preseed files. It will set use_autoconfig to false.
 #d-i netcfg/disable_autoconfig boolean true


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