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Bug#365669: marked as done (debootstrap doesn't create /dev/hd* entries)

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Package: debootstrap
Version: 0.3.3

Subject says it all: no /dev/hd* entries are created by debootstrap.


VmWare on Windows, with an hda and a hdc drive.
Booting from hdc, which carries what I'll call the "base system", a netboot image that I ripped off from my rootserver provider and adapted to boot from hdc.
Incidentally, the base system is a Debian, with a 2.6.26 kernel.

I'm bootstrapping things onto the hda drive. hda partitions were mounted on the following mountpoints (which hence had to be created before running debootstrap):
  /inst      /dev/hda5
  /inst/boot /dev/hda1
  /inst/usr  /dev/hda6
  /inst/var  /dev/hda7


debootstrap runs through without any problems, and populates /inst/dev in three steps:
1) Create the /dev directory (very early, even before downloading packages).
2) Create a lot of standard devices (core, full, kmem, loop*, mem, null, port, ptmx, ram*, random, tty, urandom, zero; after download). 3) Create the MAKEDEV script and devices that seem at least partly 386-specific (agpgart, audio*, console, dsp*, initctl, midi*, mixer*, mpu*, pts, rmidi*, sequencer, shm, smpte*, sndstat, tty0; almost near the end of the process).

It does not create /dev/hd* (or /dev/sd*) nodes, though I'm pretty sure they *should* be created (all the instructions on the WWW say "debootstrap, then chroot", and don't mention having to manually create the /dev/hd* nodes; I'm actually following their leads, so I'm not sure where exactly I'm doing things differently.)

What next?

* Did I make any dumb mistakes,
* should I turn to a mailing list for advice (I didn't find a clueful one yet, pointers very much appreciated!), or
* is this a bug in debootstrap?

I'm willing to provide any logs or other information, or run additional tests as requests. FWIW, a full transcript of the installation steps I took can be found at http://durchholz.org/jo/debian-install/Main/DebianRootServer . The steps relevant for my current problems can be found starting at http://durchholz.org/jo/debian-install/Main/AllocatePartitions#ConcretePartitionLayout


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With udev and debootstrap only creating a minimal /dev (#571136), I
don't think this bug is relevant any longer and should be closed.


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