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Bug#838388: debootstrap: Fails to strap squeeze since 1.0.83

tag 838388 + patch

Ansgar Burchardt writes:
> Ah, I'm to blame for that.  [1] added `-k` to the options passed to tar
> in order to avoid replacing the new symlinks from / to /usr with real
> directories.  However it looks like tar returns an error when there are
> actual file conflicts (as opposed to just symlink vs. directory).
> Only adding -k for newer distributions (i.e. the ones that merged-/usr
> supports) should work around the problem.

I pushed a patch implementing this to my debootstrap repository[2].  It
worked for Squeeze (w/o merged-/usr) and Stretch (w/ merged-/usr).


  [2] https://github.com/aburch/debootstrap/commit/5bb1da69596828821fe43b3ee63f733e4b8672e7

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