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Bug#837060: debootstrap: Do not install packages of Priority:required for buildd variant

On Thu, Sep  8, 2016 at 14:07:04 +0200, Johannes Schauer wrote:

> Package: debootstrap
> Version: 1.0.81
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> in Debian, every binary package implicitly depends on all binary
> packages marked as Essential:yes and every source package implicitly
> build-depends on the binary package build-essential. Policy §4.2 says:
>  | it must be possible to build the package and produce working binaries
>  | on a system with only essential and build-essential packages installed
>  | and also those required to satisfy the build-time relationships
>  | (including any implied relationships).
> Currently, programs in Debian that facilitate building source packages
> in "clean" environments like sbuild and pbuilder use debootstrap to
> create this "minimal" environment. Specifically, they use the buildd
> variant provided by debootstrap.
> Unfortunately it seems that in addition to installing the minimum
> required packages (all Essential:yes, build-essential and (unfortunately
> necessarily) apt), debootstrap also installs all packages marked as
> Priority:required (and their transitive dependencies).
This is a transient situation because some Essential packages'
dependencies changed.  I'd consider this a bug in the archive, not in


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