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Bug#778922: Installer hangs during disk formatting


I've had the same Problem when installing Debian a few days ago. I used the 8.4 multi-arch dvd to reinstall Debian. I had a "classic" setup with separate partitions for /var, /tmp, / + /usr and /home and on a second hdd I had the mountpoint for /var/lib/libvirt/images. I've deleted the first partitions and made a simpler layout just containing / and /home (and of course swap) the second hdd was just to be reformattet and where the installer suddenly frozes at 33%. ps showed the status "S" for every process, the status leds of the pc where inactive, nothing happened. At the log console I've found the same as the initial Bug-reporter: "Found a dos partition table of /dev/sdb1" So I've downloaded the newer installer in version 8.5 and retried with the same layout for hdd and it failed again. I used the official installer releases. At the moment I have no Debian PC arround here at work, if you need further information please let me know.



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