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Bug#834373: UEFI: Fails to install to blank drive

Package: partman-efi

As per #85 at
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1418706 , I was
asked to file this bug in Debian's bug tracker. The basic issue is that
Ubuntu fails to install to a completely blank drive (e.g. a blank virtual
hard disk) if installing in UEFI mode and you choose a custom partition
layout. This bug is present in multiple Ubuntu releases, including 16.04
LTS. Not sure which version of partman-efi this is, as I cannot actually
install Ubuntu to check. To quote from the original report:

"When doing a UEFI-mode install using the latest daily Vivid ISO (Thu Feb
5), Ubiquity incorrectly concludes that a blank drive contains an existing
BIOS-mode install (see error in attached screenshot).
The resulting error dialog is also broken: none of the buttons do any thing
when clicked: X (close button), "Go Back", "Continue".
You can seemingly move the install forward by clicking "Continue" in the
main installer window, but things are still broken somewhere as grub isn't
getting correctly installed (system is unbootable after the install


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