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Bug#740068: debian-installer: segfaults when built against testing

Package: debian-installer
Followup-For: Bug #740068

Indeed this looks to be happening in stretch alpha 7 too. My mistake for
mentioning a daily snapshot - there is a separate segfault for
choose-mirror, that happen before we load libc6-udeb, and it is a
regression in current daily snapshots. I filled separate bug for this
under #833599 (but there is also a duplicate #833432).

I was using netboot/mini.iso from here



6726ded054619ec2898c82f78d03f4faa4e8b4800dfee7e4524eddfa14fc6e7d  ./netboot/mini.iso

6726ded054619ec2898c82f78d03f4faa4e8b4800dfee7e4524eddfa14fc6e7d  debian-installer-amd64-stretch-alpha-7-netboot-mini-20160630.iso

So far I was not able to reproduce this segfault under qemu (with BIOS or
with UEFI).

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