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Bug#740068: debian-installer: segfaults when built against testing

Package: debian-installer
Followup-For: Bug #740068

I do have same problem when suing today's (and last few days)
netboot/mini.iso amd64 images. I was going crazy it is something with my
machine memory, but normal memtest86+ is passing, including sequential
tests on all cores. The memtest86+ parallel test fails always on 4th
core, but I found it fails on few other machines, so this must be a bug
in memtest86+ probably.

Anyway, It returns a segfault, usually during preparing libc6, but it
sometimes happens at a different times. After that, the progress bar is
stuck, and essentially every command in the shell fails. Maybe the libc6
was already unpacked and it affects all programs, or it is a kernel bug.


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