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Re: Bug#830894: override: initscripts:admin/optional

tag 830894 + moreinfo
tag 830895 + moreinfo
tag 830901 + moreinfo

Michael Biebl writes:
> on a Debian stretch/unstable system using systemd as init system, the
> initscripts package is no longer required. We asked all packages with
> explicit dependencies to remove it and it is now possible to uninstall
> initscripts without any ill side-effects.
> update-rc.d has been updated to cope with the fact that the facilities
> defined by initscripts do not exist.
> It is therefor safe to no longer install the initscripts package by
> default.
> Please lower the priority of initscripts accordingly.

Let's ping -boot@ before the change.

Dear d-i maintainers, please ack the priority change to initscripts,
sysv-rc[1] and startpar[2] from "required" to "optional".

  [1] https://bugs.debian.org/830895
  [2] https://bugs.debian.org/830901

All three packages should get pulled in by "sysvinit-core" on systems
not using systemd.


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