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Re: Improving i18n/l10n reliability

Quoting Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org):
> Hi Christian,
> I'm seeing a new batch of commits fixing po files in various git
> repositories. Given this seems to be a recurring issue, and given the
> totally missed issues in cdebconf for a long time (which triggered this
> thread on debian-l10n-french@ hours ago[1]), I would like to suggest
> that we take a step back and rethink how things are working.
>  1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-french/2016/07/msg00007.html
> We have at least calc-l10n-release which doesn't catch errors in
> commands it runs, and I suspect error handling could be improved in
> various other parts of the i18n/l10n framework.
> Could you please open up bug reports against d-i.debian.org when you
> encounter issues, so that we can fix tools, so as to avoid repetitive
> work on your side (plus get early detection of issues)?

Ack. I'll try to do that.

I still need to figure out exactly what happened for Belarusian and
Danish translations, which got 3 of their headers messed up in
nindividuals files.

The "fix" commits which I did on apt-setup and anna are meant to help
me understand what went on.

I didn't understand the cdebconf thing as well.

All this happening during a week where I was mostly offline.

So, well, before reporting bugs, I need to understand the sequence of

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