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Next d-i alpha release: late June


I've just checked with Ben, it seems we could be getting a 4.6 kernel
suitable for testing (no regressions reported from previous version +
mips* FTBFS fix) shortly. We could think about urgenting it into testing
and releasing a new d-i early in the week, which seems OK on the -cd
side too.

Glibc maintainers (esp. Aurélien): you should then have a clear path for
the new glibc in unstable. I'm not sure how much time it'll need to be
ready, that's why I'd slightly prefer if we could go for a d-i release
first (as outlined above). In case major blockers pop up, we would
probably let you go ahead with the new glibc upload and postpone d-i
until glibc reaches testing.

Having checked with -release already, I'm freezing udebs right away.

(Please cc me on replies.)


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