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Bug#826952: kernel-wedge: preprocess should honor KW_CHECK_NONFATAL for wildcard inclusions

Package: kernel-wedge
Version: 2.94
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

Module inclusion with wildcards should honor the KW_CHECK_NONFATAL
env variable and not error out if it's set and a wildcard
directory is not found.

This is in line with how missing non-optional modules are treated
when KW_CHECK_NONFATAL is set.

diff --git a/commands/preprocess b/commands/preprocess
index 045903b..1a54632 100755
--- a/commands/preprocess
+++ b/commands/preprocess
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ sub expandwildcards {
                if (! -d "$moddir/$subdir") {
                        if (-d "$moddir/kernel/$subdir") {
                                $subdir = "kernel/$subdir";
-                       } elsif ($checkdir) {
+                       } elsif ($checkdir && !length($ENV{KW_CHECK_NONFATAL}))
                                die "pattern $pattern refers to nonexistent
                        } else {
                                return ();

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