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Re: Unable to install Debian jessie

On Saturday 04 Jun 2016 12:53:30 philippw2001 wrote:

> Dear development team, I have a problem using the Debian installer.I was so

> impressed of raspian - I had only been using windows before - that I

> decided to install Debian Jessie on my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop for

> its old windows XP was so slow that even the clock hanged up. So I moved a

> minimal iso to a USB stick using the free rufus app. When I then booted

> the USB stick I got to the install screen and selected 'install '. Then

> suddenly my screen turned black and it didn't seem as if my laptop did

> anything. I waited a little and tried connecting an external screen, but

> this also stayed black. I turned my laptop off and retried with installing

> graphically, but there were two messages - don't ask me what they were, I

> only remember it were no error messages - and the screen turned black

> again. What did I do wrong? Yours sincerely, Philipp Weinbrenner 


> PS:  please don't mind my bad English - I'm just a student from Germany. 


Laptops often require non-free hardware drivers, so you may find one of the unofficial installers could help, see




Another minor release update is scheduled for this weekend, and should be ready for download within a few days.

Unfortunately some non-free hardware drivers do not work with older hardware.


Chris Bell

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