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Unable to install Debian jessie

Dear development team, 
I have a problem using the Debian installer.
I was so impressed of raspian - I had only been using windows before - that I decided to install Debian Jessie on my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop for its old windows XP was so slow that even the clock hanged up. So I moved a minimal iso to a USB stick using the free rufus app. When I then booted the USB stick I got to the install screen and selected 'install '. Then suddenly my screen turned black and it didn't seem as if my laptop did anything. I waited a little and tried connecting an external screen, but this also stayed black. I turned my laptop off and retried with installing graphically, but there were two messages - don't ask me what they were, I only remember it were no error messages - and the screen turned black again. What did I do wrong? 
Yours sincerely, 
Philipp Weinbrenner 

PS:  please don't mind my bad English - I'm just a student from Germany. 

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