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Re: touchpad

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 10:21:16PM -0400, MY wrote:
> Dear Team, 
> I apologise for writing to the list,  as this is very minor,  but since
> I had thought linux 4.5 would support touchpad ELAN1000:00 04F3:0401, 
>  I was very surprised to find a motionless pointer upon trying the live
> non free firmware iso.   This being "unofficial" iso,  I then used the
> official cd, as graphical install, with the same result.  Did not
> complete install as I am drowning in work this week, but have seen this
> with most current install media from Arch to Ubuntu.
> Also,  and I have no idea why this would be true,  but, since
> purchasing a bleeding edge laptop,  I have tried many distros with
> kernels greater than 4.2 which would appear to support hardware  and
> one behaviour is always the same,  and I am sure you are all aware of
> it,  but I wish merely to re-iterate it:
> the command shutdown causes reboot rather than halt,  and this has been
> entirely independent of distro or installer type,  being well moaned
> about in fora everywhere.
> As to the touchpad,  the hid controller seems to prevent the
> recognition of the actual physical touchpad as a real device,  and this
> has been true in all live trials as well as my current ubuntu install. 
>  (I have made a kludge to type quickly....)
> If there is anything I can send you to help,  please let me know, and
> again, accept my apologies for the disturbance.

Did you try loading the module elan_i2c?

i2c generally does NOT auto detect and hence doesn't auto load modules.

Len Sorensen

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