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Re: Stretch/testing instllable, but not bootable upon installation

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 10:13:11AM +0200, Andreas Glaeser wrote:
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> Today I tried already to complain about this at paste.debian.net:
> > 
> > Debian Stretch testing is currently installable, but it is not bootable, I
> > tried this several times since last week. First of all GRUB is not
> > installable on BTRFS-partitions anymore, which is exactly the setup, that I
> > am using in stable on my main PC. I don't know, what this new restriction
> > is about, a request for comment, or what might the reasons for this be?
> > While it's no problem to have a boot-partition with a different filesystem,
> > I don't see why this has to be necessary now.
> > Then upon installing the base-system only, there is no boot! Don't get me
> > wrong, I have a testing-installation running, I am not actually using it,
> > but just want to see the updates, that come in.
> > Debian made a statement some time ago, that Testing should be constantly
> > usable, in my opinion it should also be constantly installable.
> > This 'on-request-only' policy is pretty much of a pain in the neck. Don't
> > break or disable things, when you don't have a good reason for it,
> > bebugging is not fun! It's no good way of communication with the wider
> > public either.
> > 
> > There is my JPG-screenshot:
> > https://paste.debian.net/422665
> I reconsidered and thought, there is no answer to be expected from paste.debian.net, so I
> forwarded this to the appropriate list [here], uploading my screenshot also didn't work,
> so here t is, attached to this message.
> I remember I installed Stable on a 32-bit PC some time ago, and the boot-partition on
> BTRFS was already impossible there, GRUB not installable. Now with Stretch-testing it is
> going to be the same on AMD64. Why??

/dev/sdc2 sounds odd.  I wonder if a USB key confused it about disk
ordering.  I also thought everything used UUID to find disks now, not
device names (since they are inherently so unstable).

What disks were present during the install and which were still there
when you tried to boot?

Of course use of BTRFS makes me have no idea, since I haven't dared to
try that yet.  Last I looked at it I found it unusable even for just
storing data, but that was a long time ago.

Len Sorensen

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