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Re: SFRN 4.0.1 Reiser4-enabled netboot iso/USB

Rather than continue spamming this list(s) every time I build another
Reiser4 enabled iteration of fast changing Unstable (Sid)
Debian-Installer (d-i), I will just replace the resource(s) pointed by
the links:


If you download a Reiser4-enabled netboot image and, upon installation
procedure, Debian stops midway complaining about Packages.xz
(security) not being found and/or selected -- or unable to find
selected version, it is likely the case that Unstable (Sid) Debian is
in transition state and it takes a few days for the repositories to
stabilize again.

Accordingly, as Reiser4-enabled d-i aims at a fast moving target, if
you experience issues like those described, please wait a few days and
then download the ISO image again -- as more likely I will already
have upgraded the netboot ISO image to one that works. As I refine the
image, the build (and test install) may likely be automated so as to
decrease these transition nasty surprises.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 1:33 PM, Jose R R <Jose.r.r@metztli-it.com> wrote:
> Niltze, all!
> Reiser4 -enabled Debian-Installer with user selectable Reiser4-patched
> kernel has been submitted to an open minded media organization for
> evaluation:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Jose R Rodriguez <jose.rdrzzzzzz@metztli.com>
> Date: Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 4:47 AM
> Subject: Re: XXXXXXYYYYYYY.com Inquiry
> To: XXXXXX YYYYYYY <XXXXXX@xxxxxyyyyyy.com>
> Good morning, XXXXXX-
> Here is a link to an approximately 42 MB Reiser4-enabled
> Debian-Installer (d-i) netboot: metztli.iso
> https://metztli.it/readOnlyEphemeral/metztli.iso
> https://metztli.it/readOnlyEphemeral/metztli.SHA256
> If you wanna burn the metztli.iso file to a USB device -- to boot from
> bare metal, for instance:
> (sudo) dd if=metztli.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync
> where, of course, /dev/sdb represents your USB device
> I recommend doing an expert install from the d-i menu and to install
> Sid -- as d-i is gonna work until the next unstable kernel becomes
> default* (around the weekend). Of course, you may also fall back to
> Stretch -- but not Jessie (stable) as we are using unstable d-i.
> Most important: please create a small /boot partition (say 100 - 150
> MB formatted in ext2), since default GRUB2 installer does not
> recognize Reiser4.
> Note: since the metztli.iso image runs a streamlined (UDEB) custom
> reiser4-enabled kernel, please ignore the warning (as exemplified in
> snapshot attached). Thus, select yes to continue the install without
> loading (debian repository) kernel modules.
> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdxuY-EUEAAC398.jpg:large
> And finally when presented with menu list of Linux kernels AMD64
> available to install, of course, select "linux-reiser4-amd64." After a
> successful Debian installation, you'll find syslog at
> /var/log/installer.
> Thank you in advance, XXXXXX.
> Best Professional Regards.
> P.S Care has bee taken to provide a usable software -- as well as
> limited virtual and/or physical testing -- but as in all free
> software, no implicit and/or explicit warranties are offered by
> Metztli IT.

Best Professional Regards.

Jose R R
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