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SFRN 4.0.1 Reiser4-enabled netboot iso/USB

Niltze, all!

Reiser4 -enabled Debian-Installer with user selectable Reiser4-patched
kernel has been submitted to an open minded media organization for

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From: Jose R Rodriguez <jose.rdrzzzzzz@metztli.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 4:47 AM
Subject: Re: XXXXXXYYYYYYY.com Inquiry
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Good morning, XXXXXX-

Here is a link to an approximately 42 MB Reiser4-enabled
Debian-Installer (d-i) netboot: metztli.iso

If you wanna burn the metztli.iso file to a USB device -- to boot from
bare metal, for instance:
(sudo) dd if=metztli.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync
where, of course, /dev/sdb represents your USB device

I recommend doing an expert install from the d-i menu and to install
Sid -- as d-i is gonna work until the next unstable kernel becomes
default* (around the weekend). Of course, you may also fall back to
Stretch -- but not Jessie (stable) as we are using unstable d-i.

Most important: please create a small /boot partition (say 100 - 150
MB formatted in ext2), since default GRUB2 installer does not
recognize Reiser4.

Note: since the metztli.iso image runs a streamlined (UDEB) custom
reiser4-enabled kernel, please ignore the warning (as exemplified in
snapshot attached). Thus, select yes to continue the install without
loading (debian repository) kernel modules.

And finally when presented with menu list of Linux kernels AMD64
available to install, of course, select "linux-reiser4-amd64." After a
successful Debian installation, you'll find syslog at

Thank you in advance, XXXXXX.

Best Professional Regards.

P.S Care has bee taken to provide a usable software -- as well as
limited virtual and/or physical testing -- but as in all free
software, no implicit and/or explicit warranties are offered by
Metztli IT.

Jose R R
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