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Bug#796603: closed by Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org> (Bug#796603: fixed in console-setup 1.138)

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 03:22:42PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> Yet another one would be to have setupcon itself detect the existence
> of the cached scripts.

The only reason there are cached scripts is that people are complaining 
that console-setup is slow at boot.  The cached scripts contain the 
mininum configuration sufficient to configure the console.  If we run 
setupcon, we don't need cached scripts.

> Would you be OK, until further development comes along, to use a
> wrapper unit like this:

Yes and thank you!
> I plan to do a NMU fixing this bug via a unit like the above, please
> tell me if you want to address this in some other way.

However, I don't think it is appropriate to do a NMU with such changes.  
Instead you should make a regular upload of the package.  I don't know 
whether you have commit rights in the repository of Debian installer 
(where the sources of console-setup are), or not, but in any case I 
think you can obtain such rights in no time.

Anton Zinoviev

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