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Re: Archive changes


And thanks for the heads-up.

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@ganneff.de> (2016-03-15):
> I've just activated a few changes to the archive we talk(ed) about for a
> long time. And while it is not exactly the start of this release cycle,
> it should still work out nicely (so one hopes).
> As of now, InRelease/Release files, Packages and Sources no longer
> provide MD5Sum and SHA1sums, only SHA256.
> Additionally I turned off generating gzip compressed versions of those
> files, xz is there.
> To test it, this is limited to experimental. We hope nothing breaks on it,
> but lets try for a few days. If that works out, we should adjust
> unstable, and another short time later coordinate with the release team
> to adjust testing, so it ends up in the next release.

Pretty sure this breaks (will break, when the change is propagated outside
experimental) d-i as it stands, due to the check on all 3 checksums in

Cc-ing debian-boot@ since I won't be able to fix this right away.

> Have fun.
> -- 
> bye, Joerg
> "Hätten die Affen, von denen wir angeblich abstammen, geahnt, dass durch
> die Evolution eines Tages aus Ihren Reihen Politiker entstehen würden,
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> aufrechten Gang zu erlernen."
> (J. Sheridan, Babylon5)


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