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Bug#801961: debian stretch amd64 netinst: no xfsprogs. xfs on root fails to boot.

Hi again,

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2015-10-17):
> I haven't checked the history behind /proc/self/mounts and /proc/mounts,
> nor whether they're supposed to be equivalent (I see a symlink from the
> latter to the former, so hopefully); but assuming pointing directly to
> the former, feel free to upload with high urgency so that the package
> hits testing in a timely fashion.
> I have no clear plans for the next d-i release as far as timing goes,
> but having fixes in testing soon would be nice.

I've started handling duplicate bug reports, and uploaded the package.
Additionally urgented, should reach testing through the 1000Z run. I don't
suppose it makes sense to schedule an image build right after that since
there's one happening tomorrow already? (Except if it's quick enough
that it would make a difference for people grabbing an image during the
next n hours?)

(No d-i upload should be needed since this package isn't pulled during
its build AFAICS.)


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