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Re: Please advise who I should contact re: Debian 8.0 lb build Installer issue

Hi John,

John Martinson <john@robolinux.org> (2015-06-11):
> Hi Debian Installer Team,
> Can you please tell me who to email or contact regarding this 
> installer issue in lb build:
> We cannot find out how to replace the stock Debian 800 x 75 Install banner
> with our banner during the lb build. Normally we simply look
> in /usr/share/docs for example scripts, then we know what to do.
> But Debian 8 has no example scripts and the /usr/share/graphics directory
> for this banner no longer exists either.
> I am the Founder of Robolinux and have published 8 Debian operating systems
> in the last two years. We have never had an issue with the installer in lb build
> until Debian 8.0 Jessie. We create live iso hybrids for Gnome, KDE, Xfce & LXDE
> 32 + 64 bit iso's.
> The Debian docs for 8.0 also do not provide any information that we can find
> and unfortunately no one at Debian Forums has responded to our request for assistance.
> Please advise.
> Thank you so very much.
> John Martinson
> Founder
> Robolinux.org

I suppose you're looking for the live-build maintainer, which isn't
the installer team. Try your luck on debian-live@ instead? (See the
Maintainer field of the live-build package, which provides the lb


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