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Bug#785512: regression: cannot find iso image on usb stick any more

Brian Potkin <claremont102@gmail.com> writes:
>> Is there a reason why iso-scan is *not* loaded?
> The author of iso-scan has this to say:
>   iso-scan is part of the Debian installer[1].
>   However, it is only included in the hd-media initrd. There is no reason
>   to include it on the regular CD initrd, because isohybrid allows
>   mounting the USB stick directly. (Not a loop-mount of an iso file
>   included in some disk, which the hd-media initrd handles.)
>    https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2013/09/msg00097.html

As Joey says, one doesn't need it if one is doing exactly what was
envisioned with the images (i.e. dd-ing straight to the device) but
it is very clear by now that other valid use cases exist.

It is of course possible to work round this lack with the hd-media
files, but there's definitely an advantage to knowing that one is using
the right kernel/initrd, as one does if using the files from within the
image itself.

For that to work those files must include iso-scan.

Cheers, Phil.
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