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Re: Build of the d-i manual [ Re: Release in a few days hopefully ]


Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> Holger Wansing, le Wed 31 Dec 2014 16:36:25 +0100, a écrit :
> > Anyway, applying the following patch would result in a successful build again
> > while leaving the output content unchanged.
> > 
> > -<!ENTITY url-archive "http://&archive-mirror;/";>
> > +<!ENTITY url-archive "http://http.us.debian.org/";>
> Err, no: this is changed in translations.

Hmm, the entity "url-archive" is not used in translators entity files
at the moment.
archive-mirror is set in translations, as here in de.ent:
	<!ENTITY archive-mirror "ftp2.de.debian.org">
But that would be left unchanged.

Relevant would be, where "url-archive" is used:

ted@IBM-T60:~/deb/d-i-manual/ssh/manual$ grep -r url-archive *
build/entities/.svn/text-base/urls.ent.svn-base:<!ENTITY url-archive "http://&archive-mirror;/";>
build/entities/.svn/text-base/urls.ent.svn-base:<!ENTITY disturl    "&url-archive;debian/dists/&releasename;/">
build/entities/.svn/text-base/urls.ent.svn-base:<!ENTITY url-dist-unstable "&url-archive;debian/dists/unstable/">
build/entities/urls.ent:<!ENTITY url-archive "http://http.us.debian.org/";>
build/entities/urls.ent:<!ENTITY disturl    "&url-archive;debian/dists/&releasename;/">
build/entities/urls.ent:<!ENTITY url-dist-unstable "&url-archive;debian/dists/unstable/">

URLs generated out of "disturl" and "url-dist-unstable" would no longer be 
translated, but IMHO that would not harm.


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