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Re: Release in a few days hopefully

Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2014-12-29):
> > Speaking of which, having an installation-guide upload would be nice;
> > are there any more expected changes, or should someone proceed with an
> > upload?
> Hello,
> AFAICS there are still build issues with the installation-guide;
> at least the "daily" builds at http://d-i.debian.org/manual/ have
> not been updated since weeks.  Running a build locally on a sid
> system shows lots of XML element validity errors, although it
> AFAICS nonetheless actually produces a complete manual.
> In <20141121095549.GB7450@mraw.org>, you wrote:
> > I've been receiving notification of failures to build the manual for a
> > while but never managed to allocate enough time to figure out where
> > that's coming from. I've tried going back in time by a few thousands
> > revisions, both in wheezy and sid chroots, with no luck. I really need
> > to sit down and come up with some thorough testing. Maybe over the
> > week end.
> Did you find some time to look into the issue in the meantime?

That's a really good remark. I meant to call for comments on the
installation guide before going through my list of issues to keep track
of. I guess I know what I'm doing (investigating these issues) once I'm
done with checking the said list. ;)

Thanks for the reminder.


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