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Re: vt2-6 still not available with base system

On 12/12/14 15:26, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Since apparently Conditions can't be used on targets, I came up with a
> slightly different idea, using a service, which triggers the start of
> getty on tty2-6 in absence of /usr/bin/dbus-daemon.

Any reason not to prefer "Wants=getty@tty2.service ...
getty@tty6.service" and "ExecStart=/bin/true"?

> The advantage of that static-getty.service compared to enabling getty on
> tty2-6 is, that we can easily drop that again in jessie+X once we have
> kdbus.

I understand that advantage over Samuel's proposal, but if I was the
systemd maintainer, I'd be very tempted to drop the Condition and run
all six gettys unconditionally, preserving traditional functionality.
logind's ability to start gettys on-demand is nice, and saves a bit of
memory (and critical-boot-path I/O), but it's hardly a killer feature:
after all, sysvinit has always started all six gettys by default.

If sysadmins with dbus installed (or less need for gettys) do want to
disable it and save a bit of memory, masking static-getty.service is
easily done.


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