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Re: vt2-6 still not available with base system

Am 08.12.2014 um 01:12 schrieb Samuel Thibault:
> Michael Biebl, le Thu 04 Dec 2014 00:10:57 +0100, a écrit :
>> Am 03.12.2014 um 22:42 schrieb Samuel Thibault:
>>> Simon McVittie, le Sun 09 Nov 2014 20:43:36 +0000, a écrit :
>>>> I'm very tempted to say systemd in Debian should just make these 5
>>>> symlinks to preserve traditional Debian behaviour, at least for
>>>> jessie. It doesn't really even need to run systemctl, it can just use
>>>> ln -s or whatever. People who are so desperately short of memory that
>>>> 5 agetty instances are undesired can always disable them.
>>>> If you want it to be clear that it's a Debian-specific thing that's
>>>> pulling them in, maybe it would be better to add a new
>>>> debian-gettys.target or debian-gettys.service that Wants them, and make
>>>> it WantedBy an appropriate target?
>>> That looks like the simplest way for now.
>> Does anyone want to look into this and provide a patch for such a
>> "static" gettys target. Maybe we could even make it Conditional on
>> /usr/bin/dbus-daemon not being installed.
> I don't know how to do that, here is a more trivial way: simply doing
> the same as for tty1.  I can confirm that this also fixes bug #760916.

Since apparently Conditions can't be used on targets, I came up with a
slightly different idea, using a service, which triggers the start of
getty on tty2-6 in absence of /usr/bin/dbus-daemon.

The advantage of that static-getty.service compared to enabling getty on
tty2-6 is, that we can easily drop that again in jessie+X once we have
Removing the symlinks in /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/ on
upgrades is tricky, since those can actually be created by the admin and
in this case we don't want to remove it.

Comments welcome

Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?
Description=Start static gettys on tty2-tty6

ExecStart=/bin/systemctl --no-block start getty@tty2.service getty@tty3.service getty@tty4.service getty@tty5.service getty@tty6.service


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