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Bug#772898: win32-loader testing and newer fails with TRANSLATE error

Hi all,

Le vendredi, 12 décembre 2014 10.03:10, vous avez écrit :
> Le jeudi, 11 décembre 2014, 17.15:49 Jimmy Kaplowitz a écrit :
> > I got this error:
> > 
> > "Error:
> > http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/amd64/daily//MD5SUMS/TRANSLATE";
> This error is an artifact of the failure of the win32-loader
> executable to load the Nsisdl dll.
> I was testing win32-loader on a Windows 7 VM yesterday and was exactly
> debugging this. How lucky ! :) I _think_ the problem is with nsis
> having statically linked libgcc and win32-loader being built with a
> later gcc (mingw-*) version.
> (…)
> Can you try the two executables zipped in attachement? I hope the
> results will be as follows:

So as these were both compiled in my unclean environment, they 
apparently both work. I could also test with binaries built in clean 
environments (pbuilder or schroot on barriere.debian.org) and none of 
these works. I'm at loss of ideas for now. /o\


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