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Bug#772898: win32-loader testing and newer fails with TRANSLATE error

Package: win32-loader
Version: 0.7.5


I just got a new laptop preinstalled with Windows 7 Pro, and naturally wanted
to install Debian via win32-loader. I tried several times, with the testing and
unstable versions of win32-loader, and picking either stable or daily d-i. Here
is one of the paths I tried with both the testing and unstable versions, and
the resulting error:

1. Launch win32-loader and approve Windows's UAC prompt.
2. Choose Expert mode
3. Choose KDE.
4. Choose daily d-i.
5. Deal with the "check for known issues" prompt somehow, I tried both yes and no.
6. Confirm keyboard layout (mine was us).
7. Proceed with install, not specifying any proxy server or other changes.

I got this error:


When I tried with stable win32-loader, this worked (and will shortly remove my
ability to test until I get virtualized Windows in place).

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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