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Re: Providing (armhf) u-boot images together with d-i images?

>>>>> "Lennart" == Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> writes:


>> So all:
 >> omap4
 >> omap5
 >> am335x
 >> am43xx
 >> am57x

 > Does it work to have a partition table and to have the u-boot code raw
 > at 128KiB?  I was under the impression that didn't work, but did not
 > try it.  I should give it a try sometime.

Yes, that's the point of using the space at 128k.

 >> In Raw(UDA) mode, an image can be at one of the four consecutive
 >> locations in the main area: offset
 >> 0x0 (0 KiB)/0x20000 (128 KiB)/0x40000 (256 KiB)/0x60000 (384 KiB). For

That atleast works on am335x and dm816x, so I would be surprised if it
didn't work on am57x.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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